Le World Trade Center Association rencontre l'ADIH pour de nouveaux projets

The World Trade Center Association (WTCA) was founded in 1968, following the establishment of the first World Trade Center in New Orleans. WTCA is a non-profit, non-political association that can be located in any country and considered as instrument for international trade expansion. The WTCA has more than 320 licensed world trade affiliates in 88 countries and more than 750,000 companies and individuals.

More than a building or an organization, a World Trade Center brings together businesses involved in international trade from around the globe. It supplies businesses with access to international services and facilities and seeks to simplify and stimulate deals by bringing together the offices of government and industry that serve and carry on transactions. Although WTC’s vary from country to country, they are all connected as a part of the World Trade Center Association (WTCA). The Association’s motto is “Peace and Stability Through Trade” and its primary mission is to support the international business objectives of the region it serves.

The WTCA's founding principles are:
- To encourage the expansion of world trade.
- To promote international business relationships and understanding among nations.
- To foster increased participation in world trade by industrializing nations.
- To create and encourage mutual assistance and cooperation among members.
- To promote and further the concept of the World Trade Center.

Our members may utilize the services and facilities of all World Trade Centers throughout the globe. These worldwide privileges include meeting, trade information and education services, exhibit space, access to temporary office space, videoconferencing facilities, secretarial and translation services.

The “USA-HAITI Group of Florida” is trying to implement a World Trade Center in Haiti as a World Trade Center Haiti (WTCH) which will be licensed as a non-profit organization. They will be providing some points that Haiti doesn’t have now (trade in education, network, services and many more…)

They believe that WTCH will be creating many new jobs by working closely with the small and medium businesses, the local and Chamber of Commerce, the industries…

WTCH will be doing great international businesses by:
- Finding business opportunities for Haitian businesses, services… to the international market.
- Bring investors in Haiti to get partnerships.

“When you belong to one WTC you belong to all WTC around the world!”